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I Want The Needy To Feel Change Through Pink Woman Project

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Neema Godwin popularly known as Neema is a model, social ambassador and ex-beauty queen, (Miss Fotogenix Nigeria 2014)with passion for acting. A graduate of Sociology from the prestigious University of Lagos inher  interview with journalists said that her dream is to make the Neema brand globally accepted.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your brand?
The Neema brand is phenomenal and approaching real fast. She is a model with a caring heart for young women. Her passion for photography is as strong as the pillars of the Egyptian Library. She has stunning looks that attracts and inspires. She is an ex – beauty queen, a billboard model and a social ambassador. The Neema brand is all out to make a difference in the world of fashion, acting and humanitarian services. I am a graduate of Sociology from the prestigious University of Lagos. I am also the Founder, Pink Woman Project. I am saddled with the vision to become one of the highly respected and valued social and brand ambassador in the world.

What inspired your decision to go into modeling?
I believe I can be super model. If you know Clark Kent, you will understand what I mean – outwardly ordinary but inwardly massive with the potential to take on any challenge. I think that’s why I have been able to come this far despite the many setbacks I have encountered. I see anything I take to heart as something I should fervently pursue. I am interested in modelling for many reasons; number one, I’ll say I am blessed with a good portion of good looks which has helped me so far in my quest to becoming a top model with portfolios and jobs from big brands. I believe in friendships and networking and being a model affords you the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. You see a girl from the slums with little education becoming so sophisticated as a result of the travel opportunities which is a great education platform in itself and of course, I am a stickler for all things learning. So, why not modelling?

You were once a beauty queen what would you say is the positive and negative of being a beauty queen?
Winning Miss Fotogenix 2014 was quite a wow moment for me. It is not the biggest pageant platform out there but at least it was a platform enough, to ignite the fire in my soul for success. I know I can because they too dared to dream against all odds. I love winning and I won. So, when we consider the vibes both from positive and negative ends, I will say it has given me the platform to grow individually and in my pursuits but then on the other side, you have to live up to the standards simply because there are high expectations of you and this can really push you to the edge except you have very strong clarity and strength to manage the vibes you get. All, all these vibes build you and make you stronger and that is what life is all about.

You have worked with lots of multinationals, what are your experiences like during this period?
Very interesting experiences as there is something new to learn all along. Multinationals follow their scripts to the letter based on their brand communication plans but realistically having to work with photographers, creative directors and the pressure of delivering according to the plan is something that gives me goosebumps and you know when money is involved, you just have to deliver. I really love working with big companies, they give you bigger hopes and put in you the drive to achieve anything.

Who would you say inspired you most before you vie into modeling industry?
I have always been a big fan and admirer of Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. They possess unique traits that stand them out. They go for the big things of life and they stay there until it becomes successful. They are still relevant till date and that alone inspires me greatly.

Tell us about your Pink Woman Project and what it is set out to do?
Pink Woman Project is a social campaign designed to empower indigent women in rural and urban areas, utilising this channel to change the world, one woman at a time. The Pink Woman Project is a platform to boost the welfare of women through project activities which includes philanthropy, empowerment through business development and micro funding to increase family sustainability through women contributions. We have implemented a major project in Makoko area in Lagos. Our next stop is Ajegunle. We love to see women grow and we commit our all to see this work.

Since the inception of the project, what has been the challenges you encountered and what do you think could be done to make it easy to be run?
Just like any other project, we have our challenges but prominent among these challenges is the need to get a sponsor or a partner that can support us whole heartedly to scale the number of women we support and the communities we visit. So, Funding is the thing.

What are your future plans and where do you see yourself in the next one year?
The goal primarily is to make impact. I look forward to growing the Neema brand globally doing big time fashion projects, scaling the Pink woman Project to other African countries and shooting my own movie. The dream is large but I will pause here first.


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