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IPOB Celebrates As Israel ‘Recognizes Biafra‎’

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The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has thanked the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for openly recognizing Biafra.

IPOB said it was grateful to Netanyahu for openly acknowledging the genocide committed against the people of Biafra by the Nigerian Government.

Biafra was a secessionist state in eastern Nigeria that existed from 30 May 1967 to January 1970.

The secession of the Biafran region was the primary cause of the Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Biafran War.

The Israeli Prime Minister had during his speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day in Jerusalem, reportedly mentioned Biafra as a sad case in history where the world turned a blind eye to the orchestrated murder of millions of innocent civilians.

Reacting to Netanyahu’s comment, IPOB’s publicity secretary, Emmanuel Powerful said the development signals the best thing to come for the struggle.

He noted that without a doubt, “this represents one of the greatest achievements of IPOB worldwide under the command structure of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.”

He said, “After nearly 50 years of blindfold diplomacy when Britain actively connived with Nigeria to blind the world to the horrors and atrocities committed by Gowon, Obasanjo, Buhari at al, the world is slowly waking up to their responsibility of accepting the fact that Britain sponsored the Gowon administration to commit mass murder against Biafrans and Igbos in particular.

“Yesterday, 23 April 2017, marks the first day the name Biafra has been mentioned in public by a major world leader.

“Mentioning Biafra in Jerusalem during his speech, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reinforced holocaust signified the our belief in the inevitability of the restoration of Biafra in the near future.”

He said, if Biafra eventually becomes a reality, it would partner with Israel.

Powerful added, “Biafra nation will be the greatest ally of Israeli because blood is and will always be thicker than water. We are aware that Israel will always love Biafra because they are waiting to see the emergence of a credible Biafran group and leadership, they will speak.

“It’s a gradual process, the whole world can no longer pretend not to be aware now of the genocide against the people of Biafra orchestrated by Britain and executed by the Nigerian Government of Yakubu Gowon.

“Those who claim to be Igbo people or Niger Deltans, especially those born and raised in Lagos or living outside the sacred land of Biafra, should read the full text of the speech by the Prime Minister to understand that appeasing and begging those that hate you will never stop them from killing you.”


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